My first month on Vitex


After a lot of research, I decided to give Vitex a go.

I started on the 7th of November taking 2 pills a day and amazingly, on the 9th, I started my period.

For the following week and a bit, I had what I thought was Ovulation pains, but never got a positive OPK. Nevertheless, I am pretty sure my body at least tried to Ovulate , for the first time in god knows how long, which is really cool!

On day 19 of my cycle I started my period. My first thought was “Implantation?”. However, It lasted for 7 days :(.

After doing research, I found out that 7 days of Implantation bleeding isn’t unheard of so I sent my husband to buy me pregnancy tests.

On Cycle day 12 ( December 10th) I took a test with FMU and got a VERRRYYY faint second line.
I was ecstatic!!

The next day did the same and got the same second line!!

Yesterday, I went for a blood test and my doctor agreed that it sounded positive and as I have read “A line is a line”.

I have since found out that the First Response Dip and Read are well known for false positives?!?!?

Devastated is an understatement.