July/August Update

After spending the first few weeks of July with horrible stomach cramps and back pain, I booked an appointment with my GP.

I knew it was more than likely due to an ovarian cyst but it was a different kind of pain than I was used to so I was nervous and was booked in for an ultrasound.

On the 17th, I went in for my ultrasound and was very surprised to find out I had a total of 40 immature follicles on my ovaries. It was definitely a record for me.

There was nothing I could do but wait it out and keep up with the pain killers.

A week or so after my ultrasound I started spotting and ,three weeks later, it’s still going. Unfortunately, that’s what happens when you only get one period every six months.

One exciting thing that happened at my doctors appointment is that i got a referral to another fertility specialist. We are booked in for our first appointment in the first week of September.

Even though we are on the waiting list for a public fertility specialist, I am not the most patient person, so we decided to see one sooner and get some answers, rather than wait eighteen months and potentially have wasted time.

Author: Dashlen's Journey

I'm Ash and welcome to Our journey to Parenthood with PCOS. I have started this blog to share my story with others who might be going through the same struggle. I'll be writing about everything that happens between now and (fingers crossed!!) the day we bring home our little miracle and maybe even beyond that. Who knows! I hope you enjoy! 

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