June update 2.0

Today, I had an appointment with my GP to talk about the rest of my test results.
Not surprisingly, the results back up the diagnosis of PCOS. ( I forgot to ask for a copy but I do know that my SHBG=17 and my “free testosterone”=10) 

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to ask about clomid. She flat out refused as the “ risks are too high” and they could get into a lot of trouble “if something went wrong”.

I then got yet another lecture about weight loss, and instantly broke into tears. I’m sick of hearing it! I know I need to lose weight but its not that easy. 

One good thing that came out of today, is that she finally agreed to put me on the waiting list for the public fertility clinic in my state. Its an 18 month wait on average, so not too excited about that.

I have finally found a moonstone! I’m so excited as I’ve been looking for months. Fingers crossed it’s the real deal.

I will write a separate post on that if anyone is interested 🙂 


Author: Dashlen's Journey

I'm Ash and welcome to Our journey to Parenthood with PCOS. I have started this blog to share my story with others who might be going through the same struggle. I'll be writing about everything that happens between now and (fingers crossed!!) the day we bring home our little miracle and maybe even beyond that. Who knows! I hope you enjoy! 

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