After three failed attempts, (no doctors on to see me, even though I had appointments!) today was the first time I actually got to speak with the gyno. After going through my/my husbands history, she basically told me there wasn’t much they could do.

She did however, order a Cycle Day 21 blood test to see if and when I’m ovulating, ( which I didn’t do last month) and I have finally been booked in for a HSG sometime in the next 6ish weeks!!

My GP will put me on a waiting list to see a public fertility specialist and in the mean time, I have to lose 20 kilos.

While I’m over the moon about finally getting answers, having waited 6 months for this appointment, possibly having to wait another 12 months has seriously bummed me out. I feel like I’m once again back at square one.


Author: Dashlen's Journey

I'm Ash and welcome to Our journey to Parenthood with PCOS. I have started this blog to share my story with others who might be going through the same struggle. I'll be writing about everything that happens between now and (fingers crossed!!) the day we bring home our little miracle and maybe even beyond that. Who knows! I hope you enjoy! 

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